Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We salute General Cao Van Vien

*Chapter 785 of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Orange County,
California, of which you Hoa are a Chapter Member of Honor and the recipient
of the coveted "Four Chaplains Award," send our condolences to the family of
a Vietnamese Hero and American ally, *
*General Cao Van Vien. *
** *Our Chapter salutes General Cao Van Vien, a Vietnamese hero and we acknowledge and recognize his many years of courageous service fighting our common enemy, the communist. We know that he is now wrapped in God's arms, free at last from the pain and suffering one endures when he loses his Country. We were honored to have General Cao Van Vien honor us with his presence in his adopted country, the United States of America.*
*Chapter 785 will forever recognize General Cao Van Vien and all our Vietnamese Allies as our "Band of Brothers" and we shall never forget their bravery, their courageous service and sacrifice and their steadfast devotion to duty.*

*Semper Fi Chapter 785 sends....*

*Major Bill Mimiaga USMC (RET)*
*We salute General Cao Van Vien*

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